Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crazy Comments from Eddie

I published the new comments from Edward today. You can read below... I am just putting the facts on this blog. I have no reason to call this guy. He must be getting his stalkies mixed up. I am sure he is getting calls from all kinds of people he is harassing, but definitely not from me.

What a wonderful world it is :)


  1. hollywood police will be varifying my cell phone recordings of your calls monday ron... including the 2 phone calls you made last night... let's see how you'll explain that away. is this going to end up posted? let's see how brave the liar is... keep it up boy.

  2. That's great, while you're at hit have them check all the calls you've made to me... lol what a joke. You have been harassing me for a year and a half, let's tell them alllll about it.

  3. they already have an incident report containing your name from back then ronnie boy... don't you remember? awww... and guess what the phone calls you say you didn't make... forward button on my cell... connect to your phone number 310 686.9830 and is also on a call center list for tele-marketing fraud and harassment. a list of people who posted your number as one of them numbers who've been asked not to call, which ignore and then your number ends up on the harassment list. so google your phone liar... it is indeed used to tele-market customers against their wishes as you're reported for phone call abuse on a WEBSITE online... we all know you're a loser and it's easy to see your hard sell tactics and you're little game. puss.