Thursday, October 1, 2009

Called 5 times in a Row tonight...

First call was at 2:19am... I had a pretty god idea it was him so I just let the radio keep playing, he called four more time after that.... Was listening to the Alex Jones show.


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  2. wow, you really are doing some good drugs there ronnie... your brain is fried. non of these so called "calls" are from me. but your phone bill will show you've been calling... you should call the police and report this if you've nothing to hide... you and revvvy boy are playing a dangerous game and it can be proven via your phone records... let's see if you'll post all my replies now ron. i bet your coward ass will not because we both know you are harassing me cyberstalking me online. prove any of claims are true. you can't but you should call the cops... why haven't you done that ron?